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De Tomaso - gallery - January 2008

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De Tomaso - gallery

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Painting job

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De Tomaso Pantera GR 4 Tipo 874A - Chassis 2344

Only 14 cars built, but only 13 remains today (One was destroyed at the first race in 1972)
Special lightweight 874 A Tipo (A = Allegerita = Lightweight)

De Tomaso 2344 : Lightweight chassis

Miller Kenper mail :

You will be please to know that I mailed the material this afternoon. Please let me know if you would like to have any additional information. I did come across the fact that My brother Paul and I purchased the car 30 years ago on March 15, 1975 (for $10,000 plus $2500 in spare parts). Although the Pantera was the basis for the BMW M1, I think it needed to have the M1's big wing. With a wing it would have been a lot more successful.

As best as Jack and I can remember we saw an ad in a weekly magazine. Also at that time we were working with a Detroit engine builder who knew the carand helped us buy it. I don't know why Warren Tope sold the car but he did race in a couple NASCAR races that year before he died in a Can Am car inJuly 1975. I'll let you know if anything else comes to mind.

The car was owned and raced by Warren Tope, whose father, Donald was an executive with Ford Motor Company. We picked up the car and the spares at Tope's race shop. I think you will find the copy of the article on the car that I sent you to be helpful. You may also find out information on WarrenTope in the internet. Hope this helps.

I have a copy of an article written in 1998 on the car that I am sending to you and pictures of the car. The pictures show the transformation from theoriginal fender flares to IMSA flares by Jack Deren in 1975 and then back tothe orignal style in the mid 80's.

Best, Miller Kenper


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